In the spirit of Chinese New Year, we’re delving into an Asian inspired chicken dish with a dash of chilli. We find that Asian recipes can be converted to Coeliac and Gluten-Free quite easily!

We are extremely fortunate to have many recipes from Chef Pete Evans to share with you. Pete’s Paleo recipes are gluten-free making them perfect for coeliacs and gluten-free eaters.

Here’s what Pete has to say:

I’ve been a chef for as long as I can remember. Pretty much from the moment I first learnt to surf, I’ve been kicking around the kitchen. In my twenties, I travelled and experienced other cultures through flavors and food and also became pretty interested in healthy eating.

But while I’ve always been inspired by food, I’ve become even more so since following a paleo lifestyle because I get to experiment with so many different ingredients. My partner was reading a book called Primal Body, Primal Mind: Beyond The Paleo Diet For Total Health and A Longer Life, written by world-renowned American author and nutritional expert Nora Gedgaudas. So much of the information in the book resonated with me and that was when I made the decision to ditch starchy carbs, refined sugar, toxic oils, dairy and legumes.

Instead I began eating a diet rich in nutrient-dense wholefoods, a whole lot of fresh, seasonal veggies, good-quality protein and fats and some fermented veggies and I felt the changes pretty much straight away. My energy levels increased, I was able to focus for much longer periods of time and my memory and mental alertness increased ten fold. Within a month, the digestion issues and skin irritations that I had suffered from all my life disappeared. Today I’m in better shape than I’ve ever been and I know this because if the surf’s pumping, I can ride waves for four or five hours without tiring. It’s sweet! 

The Paleo lifestyle is naturally gluten free so it’s a pleasure and honor that I share with you a few of my favs! Enjoy!


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