Well Hello everyone,

Such a long time since my last blog in March when my daughter and I left for a weeks’ vacation in Melbourne (for Fashion week) and Gold Coast. We stayed at the Versace Hotel which was my birthday treat. In dire need of a break after a pretty big year beforehand – I can say we were thoroughly spoilt.

Spoilt for choice too, with Room Service and Five Star Restaurants close by. Lucky for us the Room Service Manager herself had Coeliac Disease so she was basically guiding us through the menu, offering assistance and getting the chef to ensure all was well. Soon you will see a blog that was written by Georgia for Diabetes Counseling on Line – one of the Restaurants close by (Glass Restaurant and Bar) was a wonderful experience with a lovely view over the Marina as well.

Airports unfortunately still leave a lot to be desired. Apart from Billie Chue at Adelaide airport, I found you wouldn’t want to be hungry before a flight. I guess everyone at airports are busy and there is a ‘rushed’ atmosphere, but just a few signs to acknowledge what is GF and itemised menu’s would make such a difference – we are a long way from not taking our own ‘back up snacks’ for domestic flights.

Since the holiday it has been very busy at work and basically this is the first time I have had a chance to sit and write a few short words. I have been visiting many local Restaurants (in Adelaide) and had some great experiences with Gluten Free options. Our local Thai Restaurant (Baan Thai) basically have us on first name basis – pretty much everything except some entrees can be made Gluten Free.

Last week in Adelaide was the first ‘Gluten Free Expo’ which had a fabulous turnout and plenty of stalls and local products that are now available. Even on a very cold wintery day the Stall Holders were really pleased with the attendance and interest in their products.

We have had some new entries on our Restaurants and Products and in the next couple of weeks you will see a dramatic increase as I am making time to upload lots of information to share.

In the mean time stay warm, healthy and happy