Welcome to Coeliac in The City

I am so excited to share these Coeliac & GF resources with all our fellow Coeliac or Gluten Intolerant guests – and of course anyone who chooses a Gluten Free diet for personal reasons.

My story began almost 7 years ago when my daughter, Georgia, (then aged 14) was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. It was a massive learning curve and we did not fully realize the power of the autoimmune disease. In some cases it can lead to another autoimmune diseases in this case – Coeliac.

Of course having Type 1 Diabetes means you have to administer your own insulin as your pancreas has stopped producing it – without getting too complicated, it is imperative that Carbohydrates are a stable part of your daily food intake. About 18 months ago, the worst news was confirmed, that now Georgia also was diagnosed as Coeliac. That threw a spanner in the works as most of the carbohoydrates that Georgia was able to incorporate into her daily diet were now ‘off the list’. Toast/cereals/biscuits/crackers all had to be Gluten Free. I am sure all of you are very aware that the taste in many of the’non Gluten’ substitutes leaves much to be desired.

A path of discovery was ahead of me. My sister was also diagnosed as Coeliac about 7 years ago, as a teenager she knew to avoid gluten but in the last few years has had to eliminate it totally from her diet – for health reasons. There was much swapping of product info and much trailing around the City in search for the ‘best tasting’ Gluten Free Products. Over time I had developed a bit of a network with friends who also were in the same situation. For that reason I started a Facebook Group – called ‘Coeliac in the City’ which was simply invite only.

I originally started this group to share information such as recipes/restaurants and products that were available locally – It is now more over a year that we have been Gluten-Free. It is definitely a trial and error process. Finding products that are not only gluten-free but taste as good as original is not easy – especially in Adelaide. Word of mouth and basically travelling from one side of the City to the other, has been an ordeal. I thought it would be very helpful to share what products we have found, and more importantly where to find them.

Since the start of Coeliac in the City we had 79 members join this private group. In November 2014, I changed the private group to a public Facebook Page. (In just five weeks we have almost 800 members – worldwide). I thought it would be better if we could categorize all of this valuable information and in time do the same for each State of Australia. For this reason we have not only registered Coeliac in the City as a Company, but developed this website so that all information can be shared easily. Please continue your involvement and invite your friends who may benefit from this, to contribute to this page.

Many thanks for your support. This is a product only site, we will not discuss Medical issues or offer advice on the same. However – some links will be provided which can channel you in the right direction

Rosie Hall