Hello everybody,

Here we are almost the end of April 2016 and I haven’t even said Hello and Happy New Year to everyone.  Tonight brings to an end the most exciting season of My Kitchen Rules – we have loved it in my house.

As a result of having started the ‘Recipe’ Section of this site and reposting on my facebook site , starting with lovely Maggie Beer and Andre from Andre Cucina & Polenta Bar, we have been also been so fortunate to have all the following Stars from MKR supply Gluten Free Recipes – especially for Coeliac in the City – namely, Pete Evans, Colin Fassnidge, Liz Egan, and  Rachel Koo.

All of these recipes were posted on our Facebook page, and in 24 hours the hits were anything from 15,000 – 27.000 and over 50 shares per recipe.  It is an outstanding success.  Unfortunately during the season my Computer decided to say farewell and it has taken a little while to transfer all the info to my new one.  I still have about 15 recipes to Post from Pete Evans alone, not to mention some International Chef’s who I will feature in the coming weeks.  There are a few surprises still in store.  Coeliac in the City has grown over the last 12 months from humble beginnings – a small group of 89 to almost 3000.

More exciting though, is the awareness when eating at Restaurants and Cafe’s – there is a much better understanding by waiters when querying ‘Gluten Free Options’ – there is still a long way to go, and I am sure we all have our horror stories .  Please feel free to upload recommended Restaurants/Cafe’s that you have had a great experience at – the site is for all of us to share our experiences.  We also have the Product Section and are happy for you to upload any ‘new Gluten Free’ finds.

Thanks to you all for the great support and I look forward to sharing more recipes with you very soon